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How To Use Citrus In Your Home

Winter Citrus. They are such a treat. Oranges, Lemons, Limes, and Mandarins, not only do the taste and smell amazing but they are also extremely good for you and useful in the home too.

Here is a list of the most effective and useful household uses for citrus.

  • Fire lighters
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Meat tenderise
  • Deodoriser/Air freshener
  • Shower cleaner
  • Rust remover
  • Clothes whitener
  • Furniture polish

Why are they so Effective?

Let’s take a look at the heros of citrus and why Citrus are such highly effective natural cleaners.

Citrus naturally contain – Citric Acid, and D-Limonene.

Citric acid – Citric Acid Kills bacteria, mildew and mold. This makes it great for disinfecting and cleaning. it can remove; water stains, soup scum, calcium lime and rust deposits. Lemons are one of the most highly concentrated natural sources of citric acid!

D-limonene – Also known as Citrus Terpenes, is in the oil extracted from Citrus Fruit. It is antibacterial, a de-gumming agent (it can get sticky gunk off stuff), remove stains and grease, gets rid of rust and can bring a shine to anything.

Ok lets look at how to use citrus in your home.

Fire Lighters– Dry your mandarin peels and keep them in a jar by your fire for a non toxic way to start your fire.

All Purpose Cleaner– Save your orange peels and place them in a jar until jar is full, cover with vinegar (vinegar is a nontoxic antibacterial cleaner, and its cheap) place lid on and leave it for 2 weeks. Strain and keep the liquid, then mix this citrus liquid with water at a ratio of 1:1, and there you have an all natural non toxic cleaner. You can do this with any citrus peels, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Mandarin. Why not add some spice and herbs to it as well, you can add to the smell and the benifits of this cleaner by adding things such as, cloves, cinnamon, rosmary etc. mmmmm imagine the smell. (*note, do not use this cleaner on stone or marble)

Meat TenderiserLemon or lime juice can be used to tenderise meat. The acids in the lemon or lime juices penetrate the meat and break down the connective tissue making it softer. Add it to your marinade for a more soft, mouth watering steak.

Deodoriser/ Air freshener – you can make simple air freshener spray by placing citrus peels in a jar and covering in vodka, leave this to infuse for 1-2 weeks, you can add other herbs/spices to add to the scent if you like, eg orange and cloves. Strain this and mix in a spray bottle with distilled water at a ratio of 1:1. Smells amazing!

Shower Cleaner – Soap scum on your shower door? say no more, cut a lemon in half and dip it in some salt and get scrubbing. This will remove the scum, disinfect and make that shower door shine. This will also work on all your other bathroom or kitchen surfaces, and shine up your taps.

Rust Remover Mix some lemon juice with some salt to make a rust removing scrub. place scrub on the rust, give it a rub and then leave it to do its magic (dont leave too long or it may cause damage), then wipe off and rinse. Or mix lemon juice and vinegar for a extra strong rust remover.

Clothes whitener – Before you grab bleach give this a go. Boil your whites in water with some slices of lemon and juice to get them whiter and brighter. Bring them to boiling then turn heat off and let them soak, then spin and hang them out in the sun and let it do the rest. This is great for those grubby white socks we all have. You can also just add lemon juice to your machine wash for brighter whites.

Furniture PolishPolish floors and your furniture by mixing 1⁄2 cup lemon juice and 1 cup olive oil, and rubbing with a clean cloth. This can get rid of those unwanted scratches on you beautiful table.

Well I hope these all natural, non toxic uses of citrus have been helpful and have shown you some of the many ways of how to use citrus in your home. Let me know in the comments below what ways you like to use citrus in your home.

Look forward to hearing from you


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