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How to make a Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter, What Is It and How to Make It.
What did the pioneers and homesteaders do to make their bread rise before yeast was sold in little packets at the supermarket? Well a fermented sourdough starter made from flour and water, that captured the yeasts and beneficial bacteria in the environment, was used to leaven their bread. This was a valuable item on the homestead that was passed down for generations.

What is Sourdough and Why you should have some.

Sourdough is a must on any homestead and for anyone wanting to step away from processed supermarket food and move towards a more healthy, organic and sustainable lifestyle. Sourdough is a delicious traditional fermented dough that has many health benefits and a unique, delicious and tangy flavour that no other bread can compare. You can use sourdough in so many ways, not just bread making.

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